Quarter Bra

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There have been questions on what is a quarter bra?  The simple answer is it is just another name for the quarter cup bra.  For those who do not know what a quarter bra is there is a brief definition and where to buy them below.

A shelf bra or quarter bra can leave the nipples exposed and are more suited for women who are petite or don’t have a large bust. They allow for some support but keep a natural line underneath tight fitting tops and dresses. The quarter bra or shelf bra is most commonly used as erotic lingerie as well.

A quarter bra has very little padding, unlike balconettes and demi cups. They are made to show more, and be more revealing.

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The quarter bra is different from full cup bras because it leaves the nipples and areole completely exposed. Though some women might prefer the freedom of a quarter cup, the focus of this bra is on sex appeal.

Additional features of the  quarter bra is that it lifts the breasts and pushes them together, lending the support of a full cup bra, while creating more defined cleavage.

The best place to buy a quarter bra is online.  You can find quarter cup bras in some stores, but although they are a hot item, not many stores carry them; they usually have to order them.

You will also many of the times get a better deal when buying your quarter cup bra online.  You can find deals and specials and at times when you order a quarter bra online you may get extra items thrown in!

Click Here For The Best Selection Of A Quarter Bra

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